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"Established in 1949, Cottages by the Sea is a quaint, family run and value priced vacation escape, located just south of Frederiksted on a perfect stretch of sandy, white beach on the Caribbean island of St. Croix, in the US Virgin Islands."

Overview Of
Cottages by the Sea

Our Selection of Ammenities
We offer as few amenities as possible to keep costs down and keep your vacation simple.  Yet you will likely find our selection of amenities satisfying…
For the whole cottage community, you will find…

  • Large, furnished, beachfront patios 
  • Chase lounges on the beach
  • Three gas grills for grilling outdoors
  • A covered serving and grilling area, with a sink and lighting, on one of the patios
  • A coin operated washing machine and dryer for guest use with a full Laundromat located just minutes away in Frederiksted. 
  • Message Delivery to your door
  • Faxing capabilities in the office
  • Wireless Internet Access all over the property
  • Computer Available at not charge at the Front Desk with free Internet.
  • Free Wi-Fi if you want to bring your computer
  • Coconuts on the trees for picking and consuming – if you can reach them
  • Misc. games in our game closet
  • Daily Bocce Ball games in the winter months
  • Community snorkeling equipment closet. Equipment others have left behind.
  • A reading library full of paperbacks to indulge you – please take a book.
  • Restaurant adjacent to our property – Beach Side Cafe (not owned by the Cottages)
  • Back-Up Power Generator  (It is the Caribbean!)
  • We are on City Water (drinkable) and piped from the water plant (Luxury!)
  • Kayaks and bikes for no extra charge



Passport requirements - there are no passports required for travel to the US Virgin Islands. Here are some links:

With just over 20 unique cottages, and without the hustle and bustle of a large resort, Cottages by the Sea is the perfect vacation getaway for those who are looking to completely unwind, relax and experience what a Caribbean vacation is supposed to be about.  Our perfect location, our unique design, and our careful selection of amenities create the perfect Escape – and all at a GREAT PRICE!

Our Perfect Location
This tropical beachfront paradise is located on the quiet waters of the west end of St. Croix, just a half mile from the quaint town of Frederiksted.  The road we are on is a dead-end road not frequently traveled and we are a simple 10-minute ride to the airport.  We are accessible, convenient and secluded all at the same time.
To the south of us are miles of mostly isolated beach ready to be explored, and to the north of us is a spectacular view of the Frederiksted Pier, downtown Frederiksted, and the grassy green mountains of the rainforest.  Our west-end location benefits us with peaceful and beautiful sunsets every night and with easterly trade winds that blow gently out to sea and not in your face.

The topography of our beach is ideal, allowing for all of the cottages to be built and situated just a few feet from one of the Caribbean's most beautiful white, coral, sand beaches.  Our guests tell us we have the best beach on the island, but you can be the judge.  You will appreciate not having to cross a road or travel down a hill to get to the beach.  The gem-clear, turquoise sea is warm and inviting and beautiful to look at, with water temperatures ranging between 78 and 84 degrees Fahrenheit, year round.  Coral outcrops attract a wide variety of sea life, and the calm, gentle waters are hospitable to swimmers and snorkelers of all ages.  It is an unusual phenomenon that we have no tides at Cottages, a fact we cannot explain!!

Our Unique Design
Evolving over half a century, the property is efficient, harmonizes with the environment and fosters a friendly community atmosphere to deliver authentic Caribbean pleasure to you, our valued guest.  No more dark and over-priced shoe-box shaped rooms with poor ventilation caged in porches and miniature refrigerators; instead you can feel at home in your Caribbean Cottage!

Efficient:  Your car is about as far from your room as the beach is, and that is closer than you imagine!  When you arrive it will not take you long to unload your luggage and groceries, jump into your swim suit and splash in the water.  Nothing on the property is more than a minutes’ walk away, including the restaurant next door.  Our front desk and laundry facilities are in the center of the property as well as some of our amenities.

Environment:  Our collection of cottages has evolved over the generations to harmonize with our tropical breezes, exposures, and views.  Large and strategically placed windows in your cottage catch the breezes and the view.  Giving you the option to ventilate your cottage with breezes is a luxury, and difficult to find.  With windows open, you can hear the gentle waves outside as you lull off to sleep.  This is environmentally friendly as well – a fact important to our guests.  After you leave, you will not forget that fresh Caribbean air!

Friendly Community:  This property has a magical way of attracting and retaining mature, friendly and intelligent folks to form the basis of a delightful community.  Your hosts, the Benedict family, are the original property developers and have more than seven generations of island history and knowledge to enchant you.  Every night, our large beach patios are a favorite gathering place to enjoy each other’s company while you watch the spectacular sunsets and catch a glimpse of the elusive "green flash".  The warm company of our many repeat guests usually fulfills your concierge needs, and our friendly staff will start to feel like family.  Cottages by the Sea is a little piece of heaven where friendships are formed and relationships strengthened!  Our guests tell us how difficult it is to find a similar place like it in the Caribbean!  Your stay at Cottages by the Sea will be a warm and special memory long after you view the last dazzling sunset.



Cottages by the Sea
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